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It’s hard to find information about Thomas Aaron pool tables. It’s even harder to buy one. On their website I could not find a way to buy a table. I couldn’t find a way to locate a retailer or dealer who could sell me a table. They even have PDF brochures that lack this vital information. I was finally able to locate one for sale at, only to find that the slate is sold separately. It says they are the easiest to put together yourself though. Let’s put it this way- if it is easy for you to put together and the slate is sold separately, then chances are this table is a piece of crap. I wouldn’t trust anything not professionally installed myself. I also wouldn’t install slate myself, or buy it separately for that matter, which is insane. The table was well priced, but who knows how much more the slate would have cost me, or if I could even find it as no link is provided to purchase slate. I’m not going to waste your time with Thomas Aaron. They may be fine, but they’re nearly impossible to actually buy, so just go to instead and get a similar looking table for less with free stuff. Oh and it comes with its own slate. Here’s the Thomas Aaron models:

Park Avenue
Boca Grand

Thomas Aaron Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Just to counter those comments, I have found Thomas Aaron tables from sears an awesome value. I have set it up myself and have no complaints. The 3 piece slate was mis handled by sears, they banged it down my concrete steps and chipped some of the corners, they replaced it with no delay. I would imagine that handling such heavy slate is out of their expertise and they lost money. The slate is matched honed and sanded as a matching set. Call Aaron I am sure they will take care of your needs

    Review posted by Rod

  2. This review could not be more wrong. Of course, I can understand that the author was probably not shopping for a pool table and did not want to take the hours necessary to figure out why Sears wrote this table up the way they did. I was shopping and figured this was the best slate table available for the money. The problem is that Sear’s website says,”slate sold separately”. But then look at the weight of the table and you will see it weighs over 800 pounds. That means it must include the slate. My investigation concluded that Sears should have said,”legs sold separately”. That is what you have to do if buying on line. It tells you to order both the table and the legs. That is what I did and the table is beautiful. We built the table, but paid professionals to come in and put the slate on, level everything and install the cloth. This thing is very well engineered and goes together nicely. Everything is well marked and easy to locate. After watching the installers, I’m sure we could install everything ourselves. It would probably take up to 6 hours to do everything while working slowing and methodically. I am amazed at the engineering design that went into this pool table. The onlt beef I have is that it was made in China. I don’t know why I thought something that heavy would be made in the USA, but I did. Still it was all packaged very well and manufactured to fine detail. I could not be more pleased with this table after spending at least 20 hours of shopping on the internet trying to get the best deal for a slate table.

    Review posted by David Milk


    Review posted by JOSEPH HAMARA

  4. I just finished installing mine and I did it myself (with help from my kids). Was very easy to install and level (although, I would not use the level they provide). Really a nice table for the money. Also, went to Sears, and there was no confusion. Two boxes, one for the slate and one for the frame. Took about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

    Review posted by Ira Klein

  5. I just finished putting together my Thomas Aaron Heretige Table. It was opened and the slate was cracked so I got a nice discount from Sears. I was able to level the slate with the included shims, so the table was perfect before I applied the felt. The frame went together without dificulty and my wife helped me set the slate in place. I finished the assembly by myself without problems. The assembly took about 3 hours, but I took my time and really worked the slate to make sure it was level and the tiny cracks were filled with the included wax. I have just finished playing my 3rd game and I am very pleased with the play, especially since I just sent back a table with a composite playing surface that was warped with no way to correct the problem. All in all, this is a great table for the money and NOTHING else comes close the price for a slate table.

    Review posted by Tim

  6. Bought from Sears store, delivered in 2 parts, table and slate. Installed myself in about 3 hours, no issues, but I recommend a razor blade to remove the wax that goes in seams and chips (very few). Good playing table, best value I could find for the money.

    Review posted by Bruce