The Cambodian beauty was into the semi-finals

Cambodian beauty won a series of European players to enter the world semi-finals.

According to the lasted news, the Cambodian beauty was into the semi-finals of the billiards tournament. Cambodian female billiard Sruong Pheavy showed impressive performance when defeating a series of European stars to advance to the semi-finals of the world women’s 3-string cari billiards tournament 2019.

The only representative in Southeast Asia to compete in the 2019 women’s 3-cari billiards championship billiards is captivating billiard fans, with impressive victories against players from Europe.

Bi-a nữ số 1 hành tinh: Mỹ nhân Campuchia vào bán kết gây sốt - 1

In the group stage, Sruong Pheavy won overwhelmingly two opponents Juarez Ana (Spain) and the famous mechanical player who dominated France for many years Jacquez Celine to win the top of Group B and participated in the knockout round 1/16.

The beautiful female body continues to have an impressive victory against experienced Dutch opponent Breur Joker with a difference of 30-16. Not stopping there, in the quarterfinals which took place late on October 1, Pheavy caused a fever when defeating famous Spanish player Cardoso Estela. European runner-up 2017, despite possessing an unbeaten series from the beginning, still lost to the Cambodian beauty with a gap of up to 13-30.

Outstanding in the semi-finals, Pheavy is the pride of Southeast Asian women’s billiards in the world arena. Her opponent in this round will be the biggest obstacle in the tournament – defending world champion Therese Klompenhouwer (Netherlands). This match will take place in the evening of October 2.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mỹ nhân Campuchia vào bán kết gây sốt

The 3-world women’s championship cari billiards tournament takes place from September 30 to October 2, 2019 in Valencia (Spain). The tournament gathered 24 best players in the world today to compete with 4000 euro prize money (101 million) for the champion.

Sruong Pheavy was dubbed the “Cambodian female billiard” with fair skin, beautiful face no less than Korean actresses. Not only good-looking, the female goalkeeper also made fans crazy by outstanding billiard talent such as the Asian champion, the world’s top 3 in 2018.