Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

To preserve the billiard accessories longer and let the billiard players feel smoother. We should do regular maintenance from 80-90/time for the following tools and should ask technical staff to check when assembling billiard tables in the billiard club regularly.

  1. Mechanical

– Always put in a mechanical rack.

– Leave the body in a cool place, without being damp or too hot, making the muscles prone to bending.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

  1. Speculation

– Keep away from moisture. Do not use too worn-out speculation to make it easy to chew.

– New speculation must be sanded to create grip for negligence.

The head should be kept away from moisture and sanded to create a grip

* How to paste speculation:

– Sanding the head and muscles.

– Apply two full contact surfaces and allow to dry for 15 minutes.

– Put the tip in the muscle, then use hard objects to knock hard on the speculation.

– Scrub the surface of the head, remove and hold muscles in the muscle.

– Use after 3pm after pasting.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

  1. Powder for hands

– Limiting use, gloves should be used to avoid dust and damage to the table cloth.

  1. Stone face

– Do not lie, sit or place heavy objects on a billiard table.

– When the table is tilted, it should be adjusted in a timely manner with a dedicated one.

– Don’t lie down, put heavy objects on the table.

  1. Rubber bandages

– Keeping the tape dry, avoiding moisture will affect the tape quality.

– Do not sit, press your hands, place heavy objects or burn easily onto rubber bands and into ice.

– Replace band periodically from 1.5 years – 2 years.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

  1. Face cloth and tape fabric

– Replace after using 80-90 days.

– Use a vacuum cleaner or table brush to clean the table cloth and a few tapes.

– Keep the face cloth dry, avoid getting wet. Do not use a wet cloth to wipe the table cloth.

Replace the fabric after using 80-90 days.

  1. Long oil

– Wash the ball thoroughly, apply the oil evenly. Wipe the ball with a dry towel, then wipe it with a clean towel. You should use a professional ball mill.