Sportcraft Pool Tables

Sportcraft is not a billiards company. They manufacture all sort of stuff. Like I always say, if you want a billiards table, go to a company that specializes in billiards tables. Sportcraft makes some tables with laminate, none seem to have slate, and some come in weird sizes like 100 inches. Their sizes are not even posted in feet. On a good note their tables seem to come with free accessories which is always great. The tables are pretty cheap too, but you get what you pay for. Something else that is odd is that Sportcraft sells an AMF table on their site. They also have a table made by Easton. Yup, the same guys that make baseball bats and hockey sticks. Again, trust the making of a billiards table to those who make billiards tables. Pass on a Sportcraft every time. Here’s their pool tables:


Sportcraft Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. What a nightmare product!!! I had Sears deliver a total of 4 Sportcraft Beltran pool tables and all 4 of them were warped beyond any ability to level. These were so bad that no person could reasonably expect to play pool on them. It would be like playing solitare with a 48 card deck….A total lesson in futility. Avoid Sportcraft tables and spend your money on a quality product instead.

    Review posted by Bill