Spencer Marston Pool Tables

Price: $1,000 – $3,500OVERALL RATING:  

Spencer Marston is a pool table manufacturer that primarily sells their tables at PoolTables.com. Below you will see their several models. All Spencer Marston pool tables are made quite well for the cost. Normally at under $2,000 you would expect pretty poor workmanship. However, Spencer Marston tables are 100% hardwood, use 1″ thick slate and come in 7, 8 or 9 feet in length. It’s pretty remarkable considering the price tag. Below are their different models:


Spencer Marston Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Spencer Marston, Billiardex, or PoolTables.com does not make solid hardwood pool tables. They use an engineered wood called SPF (Spruce, Pine, and Fir) since it is technically all wood they call it 100% solid wood. However if you contact them they cannot tell you with 100% certainty the type of wood used on their pool tables. Do your research, buying online will always cost you more, Do you think you are getting free shipping? No! It is wrapped up into the price of the table, and you better choose White Glove Delivery and Installation or they will immediately void your warranty.Review posted by Annonymous
  2. Have had a SM Manhattan for 3.5 years with zero issues. Paid for complete delivery and installation from a distributor not the online website mentioned above. Paid extra for better cloth and watched them install it. Couldn’t tell what kind of wood but no MDF or plywood. Engineered wood is not an issue in my optinon as being in the construction industry I know most engineered lumber outperforms and outlasts dimension hardwood. (Ask yourself, why are most top end cue shafts engineered these days?) So from one owner of a SM table, I have no problems saying they are just fine unless you are trying to impress someone with a high end brand name. If that’s your bag, go for it!Review posted by anon ymous
  3. It’s not a matter of engineered wood outperforming anything. Spencer Marston, Billiardex, pooltables.com uses deceptive sales techniques to push their product. Like I said, do your research you will something better local, like I did.Review posted by Annonymous
  4. I purchased a Spencer Marston Catalina table in 2011. It does not play well and I am always embarassed when my friend make fun of me for paying $2,000 for an inferior table. Not sure if it is made of solid wood of sawdust glued together and called solid wood. The wood has an odor after 1 year in my house. I would not recommed thus table to anyone.Review posted by Mark Michael