Snooker 10 minutes: Where billiard superstars are wary

The 10-minute snooker tournament has been around since 1990, which is not for world-class fighters because they don’t usually compete here.

Snooker 10 minutes, also known as the Snooker Shoot-Out tournament, was born in 1990, in the city of Stoke, England. However, due to various reasons, the 10-minute Snooker was not held for the next 21 years. It was not until 2011 when the Snooker Shoot-Out tournament took place for the second time. Up to the present time, it has been 26 years since Snooker 10 minutes was born but there are only 7 champions.

Most of the champions are not the top players in the world, such as O’Sullivan, Neil Robertson, Mark Selby,… have never been here. Therefore, this year’s tournament does not have many great players, the 10-minute Snooker champion Robin Hull (Finland) ranked 59 in the world.

Snooker 10 phút: Nơi các siêu sao bi-a “khóc thét” - 2

Snooker 10 minutes has a pretty impressive total prize pool of 32 thousand pounds for the championship, but the tournament is losing its appeal to the world’s top players because they can not promote the innate nature of the natural when I have to think and aim at hitting things so fast.

Usually the players come to the tournament with the purpose of releasing stress and making some money after other tournaments. However, from the 2016/2017 season onwards, this will be a tournament with a ranking point, so the players will have to come here seriously to improve the rankings.

It was this decision of the Snooker Federation that made the players react violently. Robertson, the Australian muscle, expressed on Twitter: “It’s hard to accept. This is a slap to the muscle who are competing to get points in the standard tournament”.

Snooker 10 phút: Nơi các siêu sao bi-a “khóc thét” - 1

Mark Allen frustrated: “This decision is unreasonable. The 10-minute matches don’t say much and they should not be counted on the standings”.

However, Snooker president Barry Hearn was adamant: “The 10-minute Snooker is a tournament that causes lots of time pressure for the players. The pressure increases when the time is almost up, which is the appeal of the tournament and it needs to be in a good position”.