Ronnie O’Sullivan – Witch’s hands or unfortunate genius?

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the snooker superstar, the most aristocratic sport billiard table.

Snooker brings Ronnie to fame and fortune but also full of unhappiness. The fear of not showing all his talents always pushes the world champion into despair. Alcohol, marijuana, fights and world championships go hand in hand.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, 28 years old is the champion with two faces. Someone who’s always wavering between genius and madness. Currently he leads the world snooker queue, the sport is considered the most advanced in the billiard village and has won up to £ 4 million in prize money. Experts judge Ronnie as a century talent. The colleagues admired and jealously called him “snooker Mozart”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronnie O'Sullivan

It was an O’Sullivan of the snooker world, a sport of the nobility. And his side job is the representative of the evil faction as the boss of 6 sex shops. He himself is a disciple of alcohol and marijuana. O’Sullivan often suffers from a psychotic disorder. That is the second side of O’Sullivan man.

In the world rankings, he fell from 3rd place to 13. “I relaxed all, could not refuse and lost all control over myself”, O’Sullivan recalls. It took more than a year for Ronnie to return to normal life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronnie O'Sullivan

At Preston, Ronnie practices about 1 hour a day starting at 11 pm. And he often cleans the table with 147 record points. Of the top 10 mechanical hands in the world only 4 people are able to reach this maximum break in a match. Ronnie O’Sullivan reached this legendary record at 15 years old at the 1997 World Championship. Ronnie only need 320 seconds to perform this miracle.

But those victories did not bring him happiness either. More often, Ronnie was disappointed at the matches he should have won. Thousands of questions like going to nothing and no answers. “I’m still playing like an addict. Most of my colleagues are happy to play whether they win or lose. And I’m upset: Pigs, I play a lot better than you guys, than all of you guys. , but why am I still unhappy”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronnie O'Sullivan

O’Sullivan did not give anyone the feeling that he was mentally stable for a long time. There are tons of funny jokes about him: Ronni once buried a snooker official in the land, dumped a bucket of ice on top of a gossip reporter and asked a journalist to take off his underwear if want to interview. At The Irish Masters Haschkekse, he was tested positive and then people knew that every morning at 9 am, Ronnie had to have a marijuana cigarette to be interested in working.

Over the years, Ronnie has done a lot to combat his own devastation: Psychotherapy, hypnosis, detoxification in the hospital and finally the Prozac psychiatric pill. His success returned to him as a World Championship title in 2001, but he was followed by terrible falls. In late 2003, when things seemed to have gone too far, Ronnie’s father from the prison asked snooker legend Ray Reardon (72 years old, 6 times the World Champion) to look after his son.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie is unhappy, often sobbing when he returns home at night. Ray told Ronnie about the time when he almost lost his life as a furnace worker and fell to earth before becoming a celebrity at the snooker table. Ray advised Ronnie not to be too risky with his health. Three months later, O’Sullivan stepped onto the podium to win the World Championship again. He lifted the VD Cup and said in tears: “Daddy, this is my reward”.

“But Ronnie still uses Prozac and has a pretty dangerous life. Nobody knows what will happen to this genius. Today is a champion Ronnie, tomorrow he might be the one to leave again”, Paul Hunter, the 3rd ranked in the world commented.