Presidential Pool Tables


Price: $2,000 – $10,000


Presidential Billiards does not sell tables on their website, you have to get them through a dealer. So prices are not posted and vary depending on where you get it. The tables are almost all solid hardwood except for a model or two that uses laminate. All tables come with 1″ thick slate which is good. Most come in different sizes which is nice, but you cannot customize the cloth color or the finish which is a bummer. They do use interesting woods which you don’t see in other pool tables like Rhodesian Teak and Bubinga which is pretty cool. Still just a run of the mill pool table in my book. If you were to judge tables by their manufacturers website, then these would be the worst tables on the planet. Lucky for them we don’t. Here are their models.

St. Regis
Cape Town
King of Africa

Presidential Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. I own a Presidential Billiards Moticello I purchased new. It has been durable and beautiful. One leg developed a minor crack shortly after install. I had it replaced under warranty and have never had another issue. Its a great table and the Rhodesian Teak wood is indestructible – hard as iron. As to the comment on THIS site saying you can’t customize the cloth color…of course you can. Tell your dealer what you want and they will put it on. I did. Mine is Navy Blue. Crawl under this table and look, by comparison to Brunswick, Conneley, Olhausen, and others. I couldn’t find a better made table, or a better looking one. They aren’t cheap, but they are awesome tables.Review posted by Ken
  2. Presidential billiard tables are an outstanding value. I shopped all of the “major” brands. Solid wood tables (not compsite board with laminate finish). Teak rails (the harder the wood the better). High speed natural rubber cushions. And the beefiest support stucture I have ever seen. I purchased the 8 foot “Capetown”. My dealer gave me the choice of any cloth on the market. I chose championship Titan for durability, but was offered worstered (Samonis) high speed cloth, so the above review is wrong about choices. Many of the tables also have finish choices. The table wasn’t that expensive either. when compared to Connelly, American Heratige, Olhausen and Brunswick, you can get a table that is JUST AS GOOD if not better for less money. I would recommend Presidential to anyone looking for a home table.Review posted by John Frame
  3. I recently bought a Presidential Billiards Capetown on Long Island and love it. I’m not sure why the low grade here in “options” – they don’t sell online but the store I bought from gave me choice on stain, pockets and cloth color – all at no additional cost. Anyway I checked out all the major brands in the flesh and none offered a solid wood, detailed cabinet/legs, 1″ slate table with a lifetime warranty at anywhere near the price of the Capetown or several other Presidential Tables they had on display. And while I didn’t have the budget for them the solid teak tables looked incredible and truly unique among all the tables I looked at.Review posted by Mike
  4. I just purchased the Presidential Addision 9′. I looked at both the Olhausen and the Brunswick tables. They were nice and the salesman had much good to say about them. The Presidential is made of Rhodesian Teak and is stunning. I had to get into the 7 to 10 thousand and up range to find anything close to this finish. The table is stunning. The cushions are natural rubber with a 40 year warranty. As for the cloth, the other reviews are correct. I got a worsted Samonis high speed cover and could have ordered any other I wished. The attention to detail in the wood work is unmatched. I looked at some $40k tables and I could not see the difference. This wood is Natural, not stained pine and it is has a beautiful red/cherry like hue that is a great center piece in our game room.Review posted by Rick