Player Dennis Orcollo, the king of earning money of billiards

Dennis Orcollo (born on January 28, 1979), also known as Dennis Orcullo, is a billiards professional player in the Philippines, his nickname is “Surigao” (name of a Philippines province) and “RoboCop” . He was considered as the Filipino King who earns money from sports matches.

Like some well-known players from the Philippines, Orcollo first appeared on television when he competed in the Rising Stars in 2000.

In 2002, at the 9-ball World Cupiards Pool, WPA World Nine-ball Championship season, he unexpectedly defeated the champion Ralf Souquet with a score of 9-8 in the 64th round, but ended up losing 6-9 when battling the legendary compatriot Efren Reyes in round 32.

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In 2006, Orcollo started a US campaign. There, he won a number of tournaments, including the Reno Open, Hard Times Nine-ball Tournament … Orcollo became the only Filipino player to compete in the World Straight World Cupiards Championship. Pool Championship. In the end, the winner of the championship is Thorsten Hohmann.

Although he did not win the championship, nor did he receive any bonuses, Orcollo left a respectable image and respected his spirit of competition. A year later, he did an exhibition in the United States. In 2006, Orcollo confronted Niels Feijen and won the championship in The World Pool League.

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In 2007, he finished second behind his compatriot, Ronato Alcano, at the WPA World Eight-ball Championship. In the same year, he won the BCA Open Nine-ball Championship, where his three Filipino compatriots were defeated. Unlike the previous events, where he was the only player in the Philippines to compete, this time Kiamco had joined him. He had a chance to score 117 points and reached the semi-finals of the tournament. However, in the semifinals he was defeated by Oliver Ortmann in the quarterfinals by a 200-7 difference. This is also the most imbalanced ratio in the history of the tournament. And the final winner of this event was Oliver Ortmann.

In 2011, Dennis Orcollo won the 8-ball billiards championship in WPA World Eight-ball after overcoming Niels Feijen in the final. This year, Denis won the world No. 1 ranking on the Billiards Pool World rankings, and was voted the “Player of the Year”.

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In 2013, Denis and fellow countryman Van Lee Corteza were crowned in the Pool 9 Men’s Double World Championship – World Cup of Pool. 2014 was an unlucky year for this top Philippine player, currently ranked only 16th in the world according to WPA rankings.