Palason Pool Tables

Palason is a Canadian brand of pool table. On their website they also sell Legacy and Brunswick brand tables which I think is kind of weird, but all the power to them. It tells you something if a pool table manufacturer is selling someone else’s tables as on of their dealers. All their tables are pretty modestly priced, but there is no mention of slate so you probably aren’t getting any which is a bummer. The tables are not shipped free and don’t come with any accessories either. You’re much better off going directly to Legacy or and finding similar looking tables for less at a higher quality with free stuff included. Here are the Palason models:

Deluxe Oak Veneer

Palason Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Palason Billiards is a Canadian Manufacturer who produce a high quality billiard table. All their tables come with slate. The tables are at a higher price because they are made locally and contain solid oak. The reason they carry other brands is to have a variety of tables in stock from a low end price high end solid oak table. Legacy and Brunswick do not ship free of charge to Canada

    Review posted by Robyn