New pool and snooker space for men

Equipped with the most modern table, body and equipment, ManUp is emerging as an attractive snooker address. ManUp Billiards & Snooker club is being used by players and lovers of snooker as an attractive address.

With an area of ​​600 m2 including 2 floors and quite spacious yard, ManUp can accommodate up to 200 guests and spacious space. The shop has 2 floors, the first floor is where professional players regularly practice, exchange experiences and is a place to regularly organize tournaments.

The second floor integrates many different forms of entertainment such as chess, chess or football watching screen beside billiards to serve the diverse needs of customers. This floor is mainly for movement players, office workers to entertain billiards. With the dominant brown – yellow tones, the club gives players a warm, close but luxurious feeling.

Newly launched since late December 2015, all ManUp equipment is new. ManUp’s founder has spent quite a lot of money investing in the entire 18-table Aileex 6 series – the latest and newest billiard table. Mechanical and biogas here are carefully selected from the big Belgian firm, the employees regularly clean the ball’s brightness.

Besides, ManUp also makes a difference when equipped with LED lighting system with modern cameras at all tables. This camera system not only allows the club to record matches but also helps the mechanics to review their training hours and draw experience for later play.

ManUp’s service style is outstanding because there is always a team of service staff and quick and enthusiastic team. Modernly invested, but the price at ManUp is not expensive, only $ 3 once played. The menu is varied with hundreds of food and drinks served by chefs and also appreciated and scored with customers.

Besides, ManUp also provides free club maintenance services, club repair, consulting and selling medium to high-end sticks for all players. Here, you can also learn to play and improve the level of billiards from professional athletes.