Mark Williams – The special snooker champion

Mark Williams has just won the Snooker World Championship for the third time in his career, when he is at the second oldest age in history.

It can be said that the road to the championship of player Mark Williams is more dramatic than the action film. He was ahead of the statue of John Higgins to 14-7, but was leveled by the opponent at 15-15, before a spectacular breakthrough won the last 3/4 game to win the final glory 18-16 thereby winning the title. World Championship 2018.

The victory helped 43-year-old Mark Williams pocket 425,000 pounds and became the oldest player ever to win the world title since 1978, when fellow countryman Wales – Ray Reardon was crowned at 45.

This event sparked interest worldwide, even in Idaho in the United States where it is legal to bet on snooker.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mark Williams

Notably, the most recent World Championship title that Williams had was 15 years ago (2003), the first time was in 2000. He once left Snooker table and made his wife growled when he exclaimed: “I don’t how to go to sleep 24 hours a day” – Williams happily shared.

Before this year’s final, Williams had vowed to not wear clothes, to answer the press conference if crowned. Keeping his promise, the 43-year-old Welsh muscle only used a covering the sensitive area towel when entering the press room and then snatching the towel to the table when answering the reporters. “I have overcome all the pressure to be here in this form (naked). I don’t mind having my wife (Joanne) and the kids here”, Mark Williams said in the post-office interview..

“This is an unbelievable story! 12 months ago I didn’t even think about it (stick and snooker table), I didn’t even come to see the final but sipping beer bottles, in But now I’m here and speaking to the press conference after the World Championship”, Williams shared with a smile.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mark Williams

“If this happens again next year, I would certainly do the same (naked press conference)”. On the happy day, Mark Williams also revealed that his eldest son Kian had missed a week of school to join his father in the tournament. In addition to cheering for Williams, the young Kian also wanted to learn from his father’s fighting experience at major tournaments, including the world championships. According to previously shared information, Williams has revealed that he does not force his children to study and direct their careers according to their interests and personal talents.

The Welsh player admits new life skills and passion are the factors that create true life instead of sitting for hours in the classroom.