Legacy Pool Tables


Price: $1,000 – $5,000OVERALL RATING:  

Legacy Billiards is a pretty cool billiards company. They make good tables that work well for recreational players and enthusiasts and won’t break the bank. On top of that, they offer free shipping, a free accessory kit and free napped pool table cloth with every table. That’s a pretty sweet deal. All their tables are available in 7, 8 and 9 feet as well, a big plus. And not only do they sell through dealers, but they actually offer their products on their website, so its easy to buy a Legacy table. Here are their models:


Legacy Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. I just bought a Legacy Table and had it installed… The table seems to be built pretty well for a relatively low price(solid wood, three-piece slate), but the installation costs are a complete scam. Being a student, I [barely] paid for the “5-star installation” because I didn’t want to have to worry about the installation process – I thought paying a $500 installation fee was the right idea for an easy process… It turns out, the shipping company lost two of the packages (of 5), the installer came alone (meaning I had to help him carry THREE 180 POUND SLATE pieces up our staircase – I was sore for 3 days), and the installation took around 8 hours on two separate days – a week apart… Oh and I had to pay a $150 mileage fee to get the installer to drive to my house, only to have him tell me there is a guy in town who “does this exact table”… What an awesome $650 installation! NOT. To say I’m unhappy about the installation would be an understatement. If you buy a Legacy table (which I’m not completely discouraging), DO NOT pay THEM to handle the installation. Get the rails covered for $70 and find a local installer to finish the job for $200… Don’t waste money letting Legacy handle the installation.Review posted by Joe
  2. Thanks Legacy Billiards for going ABOVE AND BEYOND to make this customer happy ! It Plays as awesome as it looks ! The quality and service at Legacy Billiards is everything and more than they said it would be!”Review posted by Sharon
  3. The Destroyer pool table is the best addition to the modern “man cave”, even my wife thinks it looks GREAT!!!Review posted by Mark K
  4. I am enjoying ‘The Hustler’ along with Paul Newman in AMC movie funnel at the moment. Newman is a Pool hustler. They walks in a place, uncovers typically the table and states “Hey, I thought i was gonna have fun with Pool – certainly not Billiards”. And so what’s the involving the a couple?
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