Instructions on how to hold a standard billiard club for beginners

Billiards is a good and popular sport in the world. If you are new to playing billiards and want to quickly progress in this sport, immediately consult how to hold the standard billiards in the article below.

Standing posture holds the snooker:

– Expand 2 feet apart by shoulder width. Step left foot forward if right-handed, step right foot forward if left-handed. Adjust the grip range to match the height.

– Keep your back straight when bending down, the handle is perpendicular to the hind leg and is perpendicular to the table. Try to bend close to the table to watch the ball, don’t hold your head high.

– Turn the person around the handle about 30 degrees to create space for the handle, do not let your hand touch the hip when hitting.

Instructions on how to hold snooker:

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– Do not grasp the snooker tightly, keep your hands comfortable, mainly use your thumb and forefinger to secure the snooker body, the remaining fingers hold half. Do not place your thumb on the face of the snooker.

– Hold the arm so that the wrist and arm are 180 degrees straight and facing down, not facing out or inside to ensure proper direction. Billiards position: hold the body so that the elbows and arms fit into the angle of 90 degrees and the straight line from the shoulder to the elbow is parallel to the snooker. However, do not hold the end of the billiard engine, but usually at the end of the other colored snooker.

Some other notes when handling:

– In free billiards, the common technique is ball bearing, chasse, ball beating, which have a common point in that it affects a sudden force on a marble, rarely using strong force. Therefore, it is not too loose to hold the snooker with moderate strength. Only when impacting on the ball will it tighten the handle.

– Formula to calculate the mechanical position: The length of arm span x 0.75 (calculated from the tip of the snooker). For example, the arm span is 175cm long, the mechanical position will be 175cm x 0.75 = 131.25 cm. (Calculated from longitudinal snooker to the length of the body).

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Turn your eyes to aim at the billiards:

– The eyes and paths of the master ball form a straight line.

– When starting to put the hand on the billiards, look over the balls on the table. Eyes look at the target to see the thin thickness then look at the master ball to determine where to press. When eye contact, look at the target ball.