History of billiard discipline you should know

Billiard has become popular all over the world. Like many other sports, billiards also have a period of formation and development.

Let’s learn about the history of this sport and entertainment.

According to some documents, this discipline appeared from the 1340s and developed to 1460. Italians called this discipline biglia, French people call it is bilhard, in Spain called virlota and British people called “ball-yard”. A number of historical records are recorded, in 1470, King Louis XI of France ordered the first billiard table.

Lịch sử hình thành bộ môn billiard

Before King Louis ordered the table, the sport was mostly played outdoors, players will use their sticks shaped like a golf ball to play through a small iron frame, the front up many Different obstacles, whoever overcome all the obstacles and hit the iron frame first will be the winner. Today, if you have the opportunity to go to England, you will come across some places that still play like that. If you listen briefly, you will find that this subject is closer to golf, right?

That’s right, and since King Louis ordered that table, history has begun to turn to billiards. People moved from outdoor competitions to indoor competitions and the sticks and iron frames were reduced to fit the size of the table.

Lịch sử hình thành bộ môn billiard

Over the period of history, gradually billiards have been shifted to hitting balls into holes and bent sticks to hit those balls no longer suitable. As a result, many people have begun to abandon the old style sticks and move on to the long, straight sticks and small heads that we now call muscles. With the changing style of the game as well as its popularity no longer encapsulated in the aristocracy, so many billiard clubs began to appear, along with many exam different matches like American style pool, billiard pool, 8 ball pool, snooker, 9 ball pool…