Fischer Pool Tables

Fischer pool tables are made by C.L. Bailey, same company basically. Think of it like Toyota and Lexus. The only difference here is that Fischer pool tables are no better or worse than C.L. Bailey. They seem to only come in 7 or 8 feet, but that’s about the only difference in quality. Both have lifetime guarantees as well as 1″ framed slate and solid construction. There may be a price difference as they go through dealers as well, so if you are trying to decide between a C.L. Baily or a Fischer table, just take the one that costs less, because they are essentially the same thing. Here are the Fischer pool tables:


Fischer Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Fischer tables are great quality tables, the only difference is Fischer is made overseas to C.L. Bailey specs, while C.L. Bailey tables are American made( USA). Fischer’s cost a little less, and are an outstanding value.Review posted by John Frame