Great benefits when playing billiards

Like other sports, billiards not only help players improve their health but also a way to improve concentration and mental relaxation effectively.

Slow down the aging process

While drinking beer and playing billiards, it became too normal now. According to a study by the University of Copenhagen, drinking beer while playing billiards with friends enhances the exchange between passive activities and active activities through moving around the billiard table and helping adults against aging through normal activities but still using their muscles.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Help focus

Playing billiards requires high concentration. Your ability to focus on your goals is essential. In billiards, the player must focus on the target, the billiard angle, the billiard angle will move if hit the target.

Burn calories in the body

Moving around the billiard table will be very beneficial for you. Typically, if you play pool type 8 ball or 9 ball in 2 hours, it will be equivalent to a 1.2 km square. The more time you spend playing this sport will help you burn more calories in your body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Stretching muscles and keeping balance better

During the course of the game, you will stretch the muscles that normally will not do especially when carrying out the balls. In addition, playing billiards also helps you strengthen the balance of your body when you sometimes have to stand on one leg to beat, thereby promoting the central stability of your body.

Help you calm down

Studies have shown that people who play billiards are less likely to panic and crisis. Billiard players must focus so that they can think clearly and reasonably, allowing them to check out the most appropriate facts and details and encourage them to go into operation without becoming distracted.

Sharp mind

People who often play billiards often have more sharp minds in their minds. In billiards requires you to be good at computational subjects such as basic geometry and physics. These skills are needed to calculate the correct angle or trajectory to determine how much force is needed to center the target. Sharp minds will help us think quickly and recognize a few small details.

Billiards play also helps you improve your hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is a very important factor in the defeat of the game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Firming body

Continuously bending your abdomen, moving your hips and legs together with your arm movement will help your muscles move and make it firmer.

The position of the balls will be a challenge for your imagination, you need to visualize and create problem-solving skills. In addition, it also requires continuous improvisation to get into the hole (billiard hole, snooker) or in a good position.









9 factors you should consider carefully before buying a billiard table

When human life becomes more complete, they always want to look towards products that meet the spiritual needs more than material ones. Since then, entertainment and relaxation products have become more and more prominent in the business market.

We have to mention billiards, as a Western sport with a modern and popular direction, attracting many people to participate in both old and young, male and female. Meeting group of friends and colleagues on weekends to billiards clubs to relieve stress in work, confide in life has become an indispensable part of many people today. And it’s no wonder that billiards business has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry.

But opening a billiards is not an easy thing. It is really a difficult problem, especially for newcomers to enter the business. And it will be even more difficult when you do not know how to play this sport but are committed to your idea. A little advice, do business when you are really passionate and know it. From an inexperienced person, you always have the opportunity to cultivate knowledge.

mở quán bida

First thing you need to know is play first. It sounds funny but it is really suitable when you are too childish to think about getting rich. If you don’t know how to play how can you understand the problems your customers often encounter or feel uncomfortable with? Business is not just about managing and sitting in a place waiting for money to fall into pocket. It is a battle. Make sure you have done the first thing, then continue this second lesson.

How to get a suitable billiard table when its price is really expensive and you will have to pay a high price when choosing the wrong type of table to buy or mistakenly buying a billiard table with no quality, not enough. standard? Here are 9 criteria to consider when choosing a billiard table. Let’s start now!

bàn bida

Table frame

The billiard table can be made from hardwood or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and is not sure which one is better. But no matter what type of table you choose, make sure your “pool table” has a middle frame and 2 horizontal frames to distribute the weight of the table.


Suitable billiard tables are often combined with 3 stone slabs for ease of movement, installation and flatness adjustment. The slab is in the main play area of ​​the table, under the sheet and has two types: 1-blade type, 3-blade type. Currently, 3 slabs are a more popular option. The thickness of the slab is usually:

– 3/4 inch: often used as a table for beginners and has the lowest cost.

– 1 inch: standard thickness is available in high-end billiard tables and is used in international tournaments by BCA (Billiard Congress of America). Force the connection point between the plates to be flat with an error of not more than 0.04mm. The flatness of the tabletop is only guaranteed when the error between the ends is 0.4mm and the width is 0.2mm.

Billiards hole

The hole can be made of rubber, leather or plastic.


Almost all billiard tables have hardwood grooves.

Delivery and installation costs

When making a purchase, make sure that the shipping costs are clearly listed in the contract, avoiding unexpectedly high costs. With a large amount of purchases, it is best to choose freeshipping shops to maximize cost savings. The installation needs professional technical support so you do not need too much savings in this clause

Table size

There are 3 common sizes: 7ft, 8ft and 9 ft. Thorough space calculations around the “pool table” for players to take shot shots and the length of the muscles are a smart move you should not forget.

Budget available

Draw a detailed plan and have an estimate of how much you will pay for each billiard table.

Is it possible to change returns?

Read the terms of purchase clearly and check if you can change the defective item or refund the product.

Current status of billiard tables

Buyers should carefully check the status of the table – used or new.








5 “golden” principles for playing snooker

Snooker is an extremely interesting and much loved sport. This sport can train us to be careful, patient and skillful, accompanied by accurate judgment, logical thinking as well as clarity for the mind. Let’s learn about the basic principles that all snooker players need to remember when coming to this fascinating sport.

One of the simple tips for playing pool is that you need to train yourself in a good standing and balanced position. The best posture is to place 2 feet at a distance of at least equal to the shoulder width and stick it firmly on the ground. Keep your back straight when bending down, the handle is perpendicular to the back and is perpendicular to the table.

Try to bend close to the table to watch the balls, don’t hold your head high. When you have a good position, focusing on the control of the snooker ball will become easier, and you can completely hit the target accurately.

When the grip is too tight, hold your hand comfortably, using your thumb and forefinger firmly to hold the trunk of the muscle, and the other fingers hold the handle. Do not place your thumb on the face of the muscle tree. Hold the arm so that the wrist and arms are straight 180 ° and face down, not facing out or inside to ensure proper direction.

When starting to place the billiard balls, look at the balls on the table, especially the target ball to see the thin thickness, then look at the host ball to determine where to press the coffee. The eyes and paths of the master ball need to be in a straight line.

When hitting, focus on the muscle to know where the ball will roll, and try blinking to aim the white ball and the target ball more accurately. Maintain your posture and make sure your muscles and hands move in the most skillful way.

Some smart snooker skills

Not to mention the technique of beating, some of the following immutable principles will help you become a more professional player in holding, standing, principles when fighting… Certainly these will help You get on your muscles when playing more easily.

One of the simple tips for playing billiards is that you need to train yourself in a good standing and balanced position. The best posture is to place 2 feet at a distance of at least equal to the shoulder width and stick it firmly on the ground. The back should be kept straight during play. When you have a good position, focusing on controlling billiard balls will become easier, and you can completely hit the target accurately.

Remember, professional snooker players were once fuzzy chicken players but filled with passion and enthusiasm. When you look at the tree, you will know where the ball will go after you make a stroke. When you are making a ball, try blinking the white ball and the target ball more accurately. Maintain your posture and make sure your muscles and hands move in the most skillful way.

Before making a shot, always apply chalk on the top of the muscle to minimize errors. Chalk not only helps to prevent slippery but also helps you to make more accurate ball shots. Following expert guidance, hard work is always the key to success, not only in billiards but also in many other areas of life.

Especially for beginner players, you will need to make the shots so that you are most skilled. In other words, you should play billiards often – at least 3 times a week – to become more professional quickly. Remember, every day playing billiards is more effective than playing 10 hours a week!

This is not only the best tip but also the secret of many professional athletes in the world. Before making a ball, visualize the point of the ball, where the cue ball comes and stops. If you can control the cue ball and poke, you will soon realize that snooker hitting is not just about placing a ball, but may be a tactical choice between a shot or a safe shot. To become more confident when playing snooker, learn everything about this sport so you can be ready to take part in a professional match at any time.

NFL Player To Host Celebrity Billiards Tournament

Justin Tuck of the New York Giants will be hosting the 3rd annual celebrity billiards tournament by RXR this year. There will be 32 teams of athletes competing to support a fundraising initiative for Justin Tuck’s charity, R.U.S.H for Literacy. It’s a great event and a great time for celebrities and athletes to showcase their skills (or lack thereof).

Former Billiard Champ Changes Nationality

Wu Chia-Ching has won several billiards awards. He is a world renowned pool player. Up until now he has always represented his home country of Taiwan. But today, it was announced that he has now become a Chinese citizen and will represent China from here on out. You can read the whole story here. Pretty nuts if you ask me.

Pool Table Reviews Are Coming Soon

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Tamoo Takano Keeps On Playing

Nothing seems to be able to keep Tamoo Takano down. He’s just wrapped up a 3 month stint of billiards that included the World 8-Ball, Philippines Open and Beijing Open. He’s now qualified for a third straight year for the World 10-Ball, so he’s not quitting yet.

“I’ve been playing for three straight months now and I’m very, very tired,” said Takano. Who wouldn’t be?