C.L. Bailey Pool Tables

C.L. Bailey may not be one of the most well known brands out there but they make a quality product, backed by an incredible lifetime guarantee. All their tables have a 1″ thick slate and metal-to-metal construction, so they are well made tables. Unfortunately they are pretty light on selection, with just 4 models to choose from. However, each model has 5 different options for finish, so there are both style and color choices. Another plus is that all their tables come in 7, 8 and 9 feet in length. Their pool table options are:


C.L. Bailey Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. I have a CL Bailey pool table installed by their people. It was found to have a cracked slate. With a lifetime warranty I notified the factory and they said too bad…..They are new owners and are not responsible for any warranty on any previously purchased CL Bailey pool table. I would not recommend their tables at any price.Review posted by 417Billiard
  2. I have been a C.L. Bailey dealer for many years. I have never known this company to not honor warranties on any of their tables including the entry Fischer line. They also have a much larger selection than 5 tables. Check your dealer before you buy and you will be more than satisfied.Review posted by John Frame