Brunswick Pool Tables

Brunswick Pool Tables

Price: $2,000 – $10,000+OVERALL RATING:  

Brunswick Billiards is probably one of the best, if not the best, pool table manufacturers out there. They have a wide variety of styles to choose from. They also have a wide price range so that people of any budget can afford a table. You can find tables for as low as $1,699 or as much as $39,999 and everything in between. Plus with all the different models there are lots of styles to fit anyone’s taste. All their tables come with solid wood rails, at least 1″ thick slate and rubber cushions. You can even customize the cloth color and material. You really don’t get much better than Brunswick. These are top of the line pool tables. Of course, that means top of the line price, so if you are concerned with budget, you won’t have very many options with Brunswick. Here are their different pool table models:

Black Wolf
Exposition Novelty
Gold Crown V
Park Falls

Brunswick Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Brunswick will charge your credit card immediately but they will not have the courtesy to contact you with a delivery date. I ordered a pool table from them and got the run around. After 2 weeks, still have no idea when I will get a pool table and still have not talked to a real person who can tell me anything about my pool table delivery. Being forced to dispute charges on my credit card. What a bunch of scam artists.Review posted by James Mallinak
  2. I have owned a brunswick glenwood for years and my boys and I play on it all the time. It has the most accurate cushion in the world, solid hardwood table with dovetail construction and 1″ slate. It is a joy for my family.Review posted by brandon Horwitz
  3. Do your research, where are the parts made, not just assembled in USA, notice thier logo says “American” (not made in USA)I think that says a lot about the company and the product. Its a shame a great old american company no longer supports american workers.Review posted by Greg C
  4. I bought a brunswick pool table from Triangle Billiards in Orange, Ca.
    Informative employees and some great products. haha, I bought first from Triangle then shopped…I was happy to find my instincts were correct. It was an awesome buyReview posted by Lou
  5. This review says, “They also have a wide price range so that people of any budget can afford a table.” Six sentences later it says, “…if you are concerned with budget, you won’t have very many options with Brunswick.” Huh?Review posted by David
  6. David, that’s a very good question. Brunswick has tables available at all price ranges, however, most of those tables are at higher price points. So you can find tables from $1,500 to $20,000. But you won’t find many around $1,500, so if budget is your biggest concern, you won’t have a lot to choose from with Brunswick.However, keep in mind, they have introduced their new Brunswick Contender line of pool tables since the writing of this review. These are cheaper, lower quality tables so that those concerned about budget can have a good variety to choose from. These tables aren’t of the highest quality, but they cost less than traditional Brunswick tables and they look just as nice. Hope that helps clear it up for you!Review posted by admin
  7. You should review Canada Billiard. I think your going to find it comparable to the Olhausen, Canada Billiards uses 1 1/4″ slate and is made in CanadaReview posted by Wayne