18-year-old Korean billiard girl is still unbeaten

Han Ji Eun still shows everyone that she deserves to be dubbed the undefeated Holy Lady when constantly winning to top the table with many male players in the international tournament taking place in the US.

After winning the international 3-band carom competition Verhoeven 2019 for women full of spectacular, Korean billiards beauty Han Ji Eun continued to attend the same name tournament also took place in New York (USA) from day 5 August 11.

The next tournament has a much higher level of difficulty when it comes to 124 male and female players attending, including many world famous superstars like Torbjorn Blomdahl, Dani Sanchez, Eddy Merckx, Semih Sayginer, Sameh Sidhom, and Cho Myung Woo…

Mỹ nhân bi-a Hàn Quốc 18 tuổi đọ tài đàn ông vẫn bất bại - 1

After the first two rounds in the group stage, 18-year-old female players continue to make billiard fans mention themselves when temporarily occupying the top of Group K with 2 impressive victories against male colleagues.

In addition, at the match, Han Ji Eun showed a high performance, beating the Korean-American player – Tae Young Hwang with an overwhelming 25-12 score. The female champion even performed better in the next match Aredo Rogelio (USA) with a 25-13 difference, including a 6-point series. Currently, Korean players are at the top of Group K, with Tachoire Adrien (France) with 4 absolute points.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mỹ nhân bi-a Hàn Quốc 18 tuổi đọ tài đàn ông vẫn bất bại

And worth mentioning, before attending two consecutive international tournaments in the US, Han Ji Eun did not have any significant titles including the domestic arena. Many people believe that this will be a new turning point in the career of this beautiful woman.

In fact, earlier in the tournament Verhoeven 2019 for 26 female players, Han Ji Eun was likened to being the unbeaten Saint when winning the tournament with 10 consecutive victories. In her championship journey, the 18-year-old girl was shocked to beat the two greatest female players today, Orie Hida (Japan) and the reigning world champion Therese Klompenhouwer (Netherlands).










Billiards snooker and the basics for you to play at billiard clubs

If you just want to play this genre at billiard clubs for entertainment without playing in regular tournaments then here are some basic snooker rules for you.

  1. Billiard equipment

Similar to other types of billiards, you also need a billiard table with 6 net pockets and billiards only. The number of balls used to play snooker has 22 balls divided into 3 groups: white ball, 15 colored balls. red and 6 other colored balls. Each color ball will have different score values ​​from 1 to 7, specifically Red = 1, Yellow = 2, Green = 3, Brown = 4, Blue = 5, Pink = 6 and Black = 7.

Bida snooker và những điều cơ bản

  1. Whoever scores more points wins

Unlike billiards 8 ball and billiards 9 balls, snooker billiards determine to win and lose based on the score that the player can record. The score scored by the player will be accumulated based on the number of balls that the player hits. Each marble will have a corresponding number of points when there are no marbles on the table, the two parties will see who scored more points then the winner belongs to that person.

  1. Decide who play first

Depending on the agreement of the party, select who will play first and beat later. However, the batter must hit the red ball first, if not hit the red ball, it will count as a mistake.

Bida snooker và những điều cơ bản

  1. Beat alternating groups of red balls – colored balls

Similar to other types of billiards, players must hit balls in the hole in their turn to play again, but different in that players have to hit the red ball first in the net in their turn and then continue the group of colored balls. This will be repeated until the player hits all the red balls – the color or the error. When the number of red balls is still on the table, the colored balls will be punched into the hole and will be taken up and repositioned.

Note, when the entire red ball is no longer on the table, the player must hit the colored balls in the order of scores from low to high if the player does not hit the correct order, it also counts as breaking the law.

  1. Change turns

When the previous player loses his turn, the following player must hit the red ball against the net and hit the colored ball again and repeat as part 5.

Bida snooker và những điều cơ bản

  1. End game

The match will end when there are no balls other than the host ball on the table, then the two sides will compare whoever scores more then that person will win the game. However, there are a number of cases, pros, and cons according to the two parties’ agreement, comparing the current score of the two parties, even though the goals are still there.

These are just general things for you to have fun with your friends at clubs, if you want to play in regular competitions, you should thoroughly understand the competition rules of this genre.

Billiards rankings change: Carom genius and female beauties evaporate

World carom Billiards has just experienced an unprecedented upheaval when a series of famous superstars evaporate from the rankings of the World Billiard Federation (UMB).

Billiards carom world has formed a new tournament called PBA Tour. This tournament is quite attractive to the new competition law, proceeds through more than 10 tournaments in a year and above all is an extremely attractive award. Specifically, each champion will receive 86,956USD. Particularly for the last stage of the year, the bonus can reach nearly 434,782USD.

However, due to the lack of a common voice, especially the rights issue, the World Billiard Federation (UMB) did not recognize the PBA Tour within its prize system. More seriously, UMB voiced a boycott of the tournament and will remove all players participating in the PBA Tour from the entire UMB tournament system (World Championship, World Cup, continental champion, Intercontinental tournaments).

Bảng xếp hạng bi-a thay đổi: “Thiên tài carom” và dàn mỹ nữ “bốc hơi” - 1

With huge bonuses, UMB’s warning couldn’t stop many world-famous players from joining the PBA Tour. The first stage was held in June last. The winner of the championship is Filippos Kasidokostas with a prize of 100 million won. Recently, UMB has conducted punishment by removing all the players participating in the PBA Tour from the world ranking of carom billiards.

Of these, the most notable is the player who is ranking 2 world Caudron Frederic. The Belgian player was dubbed the carom genius, the greatest monument with 20 World Cup championships, including two world championships.

Bảng xếp hạng bi-a thay đổi: “Thiên tài carom” và dàn mỹ nữ “bốc hơi” - 2

Caudron’s departure from UMB has made a lot of regret for billiard fans all over the world when he no longer witnessed him himself, especially the emotional battles between players from another country and this carom genius. Some other famous players were also renamed as 2019 Blankenberge World Cup champion Javier Palazon, the leading player in Belgium Eddy Leppens, the No. 1 Greek player Filippos Kasidokostas …

In addition, a series of billiard beauties of the world billiards have also been removed from the UMB by the PBA Tour held parallel to the tournament for men and women. These include Lee Mi-Rae, Kim Ga Young, Namiko Hayashi, Choi Bo Ram …

Player Dennis Orcollo, the king of earning money of billiards

Dennis Orcollo (born on January 28, 1979), also known as Dennis Orcullo, is a billiards professional player in the Philippines, his nickname is “Surigao” (name of a Philippines province) and “RoboCop” . He was considered as the Filipino King who earns money from sports matches.

Like some well-known players from the Philippines, Orcollo first appeared on television when he competed in the Rising Stars in 2000.

In 2002, at the 9-ball World Cupiards Pool, WPA World Nine-ball Championship season, he unexpectedly defeated the champion Ralf Souquet with a score of 9-8 in the 64th round, but ended up losing 6-9 when battling the legendary compatriot Efren Reyes in round 32.

Cơ thủ Dennis Orcollo, ông vua kiếm tiền của billiards - 2

In 2006, Orcollo started a US campaign. There, he won a number of tournaments, including the Reno Open, Hard Times Nine-ball Tournament … Orcollo became the only Filipino player to compete in the World Straight World Cupiards Championship. Pool Championship. In the end, the winner of the championship is Thorsten Hohmann.

Although he did not win the championship, nor did he receive any bonuses, Orcollo left a respectable image and respected his spirit of competition. A year later, he did an exhibition in the United States. In 2006, Orcollo confronted Niels Feijen and won the championship in The World Pool League.

Cơ thủ Dennis Orcollo, ông vua kiếm tiền của billiards - 1

In 2007, he finished second behind his compatriot, Ronato Alcano, at the WPA World Eight-ball Championship. In the same year, he won the BCA Open Nine-ball Championship, where his three Filipino compatriots were defeated. Unlike the previous events, where he was the only player in the Philippines to compete, this time Kiamco had joined him. He had a chance to score 117 points and reached the semi-finals of the tournament. However, in the semifinals he was defeated by Oliver Ortmann in the quarterfinals by a 200-7 difference. This is also the most imbalanced ratio in the history of the tournament. And the final winner of this event was Oliver Ortmann.

In 2011, Dennis Orcollo won the 8-ball billiards championship in WPA World Eight-ball after overcoming Niels Feijen in the final. This year, Denis won the world No. 1 ranking on the Billiards Pool World rankings, and was voted the “Player of the Year”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dennis Orcollo

In 2013, Denis and fellow countryman Van Lee Corteza were crowned in the Pool 9 Men’s Double World Championship – World Cup of Pool. 2014 was an unlucky year for this top Philippine player, currently ranked only 16th in the world according to WPA rankings.





Evaluate the female ranking Snooker world 2018/19

Like the professional World Snooker Tour, the WWS world rankings operate on a two-year basis, with the number of points earned in 2016/17 replaced by people from this season in the past 12 months.

Number one

The big step in the campaign took place at the April Snooker Women’s Festival in Leeds when Evans regained the top spot in the world ranking list for the first time since February 2018 after her double success at the event.

In fact, it is a measure of the season that Evans enjoyed when the season started at about 5,850 points after Hong Kong Le Y On, now she has finished it with a significant lead of 16,850 points.

For both players who marked a similar score in the 2017/18 season and those points were deducted from their respective total during the next 12 months, Evans seemed very stable to keep the highest ranking. in a time to come.

However, after her victory at the British Women’s Championship and the Australian Open Women’s Championship, On Yee continued to take second place comfortably, the top two have now locked all the ranking titles for Second consecutive season.

The Top eight

Behind the two heads Keighley, Rebecca Kenna, stood in third place from the start of her season after she achieved two ranking finals before Christmas.

Prominent on high heels, World Runner-up Nutcharut Wongharuthai, the only newcomer to the top eight since the start of the season, has increased the list from 17th place a year ago. The 19-year-old now has a real opportunity to close the gap with the top three without any points being erased from her total until 2020 because she did not play in the first half of the 2017/18 campaign.

Lowering the two was Maria Catalano after a tough campaign certainly affected by off-table issues including her father’s death last year, with Wales, Laura Evans, a position behind with quarter-finals. at the Belgian Women’s and Women’s Awards Opening her best performances.

Suzie Opacic remained in seventh place with a semi-final at Women Masters representing her best performance, while Australian Women Expand Katrina Wan down two to eight when not competing since she runs in Sydney.

On the rise

Ready to join the top eight elite next year is Hornecl Emma Parker, up six places to ninth after a best season in her career and now in Wan’s outstanding distance, who is currently not exam Tour on the Tour.

Moving forward was Wakefield, Steph D daughtery, who won the Cup Challenge in mid-season, while Thailand War Warththunun Sukritthanes ended the campaign at No. 15 despite only playing at Festival events and World Championship at the end of the season.

In fact, it was a year for Thai players when both Ploychompoo Laokiatphong and Baipat Siripaporn increased their list, Laokiatphong reached the top 30 just released the Tour in September last year, with Siripaporn right behind her. on the 31st after reaching the semi-finals of the World Championship for the first time.

Belgium’s Wendy Jans also became an increasingly familiar face, competing in three ranking events and making it to the semi-finals of each tournament to rank 19 lists into the top 16.

Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

To preserve the billiard accessories longer and let the billiard players feel smoother. We should do regular maintenance from 80-90/time for the following tools and should ask technical staff to check when assembling billiard tables in the billiard club regularly.

  1. Mechanical

– Always put in a mechanical rack.

– Leave the body in a cool place, without being damp or too hot, making the muscles prone to bending.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

  1. Speculation

– Keep away from moisture. Do not use too worn-out speculation to make it easy to chew.

– New speculation must be sanded to create grip for negligence.

The head should be kept away from moisture and sanded to create a grip

* How to paste speculation:

– Sanding the head and muscles.

– Apply two full contact surfaces and allow to dry for 15 minutes.

– Put the tip in the muscle, then use hard objects to knock hard on the speculation.

– Scrub the surface of the head, remove and hold muscles in the muscle.

– Use after 3pm after pasting.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

  1. Powder for hands

– Limiting use, gloves should be used to avoid dust and damage to the table cloth.

  1. Stone face

– Do not lie, sit or place heavy objects on a billiard table.

– When the table is tilted, it should be adjusted in a timely manner with a dedicated one.

– Don’t lie down, put heavy objects on the table.

  1. Rubber bandages

– Keeping the tape dry, avoiding moisture will affect the tape quality.

– Do not sit, press your hands, place heavy objects or burn easily onto rubber bands and into ice.

– Replace band periodically from 1.5 years – 2 years.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Summary of how to preserve Billiards accessories

  1. Face cloth and tape fabric

– Replace after using 80-90 days.

– Use a vacuum cleaner or table brush to clean the table cloth and a few tapes.

– Keep the face cloth dry, avoid getting wet. Do not use a wet cloth to wipe the table cloth.

Replace the fabric after using 80-90 days.

  1. Long oil

– Wash the ball thoroughly, apply the oil evenly. Wipe the ball with a dry towel, then wipe it with a clean towel. You should use a professional ball mill.

Instructions on how to hold a standard billiard club for beginners

Billiards is a good and popular sport in the world. If you are new to playing billiards and want to quickly progress in this sport, immediately consult how to hold the standard billiards in the article below.

Standing posture holds the snooker:

– Expand 2 feet apart by shoulder width. Step left foot forward if right-handed, step right foot forward if left-handed. Adjust the grip range to match the height.

– Keep your back straight when bending down, the handle is perpendicular to the hind leg and is perpendicular to the table. Try to bend close to the table to watch the ball, don’t hold your head high.

– Turn the person around the handle about 30 degrees to create space for the handle, do not let your hand touch the hip when hitting.

Instructions on how to hold snooker:

Hình ảnh có liên quan

– Do not grasp the snooker tightly, keep your hands comfortable, mainly use your thumb and forefinger to secure the snooker body, the remaining fingers hold half. Do not place your thumb on the face of the snooker.

– Hold the arm so that the wrist and arm are 180 degrees straight and facing down, not facing out or inside to ensure proper direction. Billiards position: hold the body so that the elbows and arms fit into the angle of 90 degrees and the straight line from the shoulder to the elbow is parallel to the snooker. However, do not hold the end of the billiard engine, but usually at the end of the other colored snooker.

Some other notes when handling:

– In free billiards, the common technique is ball bearing, chasse, ball beating, which have a common point in that it affects a sudden force on a marble, rarely using strong force. Therefore, it is not too loose to hold the snooker with moderate strength. Only when impacting on the ball will it tighten the handle.

– Formula to calculate the mechanical position: The length of arm span x 0.75 (calculated from the tip of the snooker). For example, the arm span is 175cm long, the mechanical position will be 175cm x 0.75 = 131.25 cm. (Calculated from longitudinal snooker to the length of the body).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Instructions on how to hold a standard billiard club for beginners

Turn your eyes to aim at the billiards:

– The eyes and paths of the master ball form a straight line.

– When starting to put the hand on the billiards, look over the balls on the table. Eyes look at the target to see the thin thickness then look at the master ball to determine where to press. When eye contact, look at the target ball.

Great benefits when playing billiards

Like other sports, billiards not only help players improve their health but also a way to improve concentration and mental relaxation effectively.

Slow down the aging process

While drinking beer and playing billiards, it became too normal now. According to a study by the University of Copenhagen, drinking beer while playing billiards with friends enhances the exchange between passive activities and active activities through moving around the billiard table and helping adults against aging through normal activities but still using their muscles.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Help focus

Playing billiards requires high concentration. Your ability to focus on your goals is essential. In billiards, the player must focus on the target, the billiard angle, the billiard angle will move if hit the target.

Burn calories in the body

Moving around the billiard table will be very beneficial for you. Typically, if you play pool type 8 ball or 9 ball in 2 hours, it will be equivalent to a 1.2 km square. The more time you spend playing this sport will help you burn more calories in your body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Stretching muscles and keeping balance better

During the course of the game, you will stretch the muscles that normally will not do especially when carrying out the balls. In addition, playing billiards also helps you strengthen the balance of your body when you sometimes have to stand on one leg to beat, thereby promoting the central stability of your body.

Help you calm down

Studies have shown that people who play billiards are less likely to panic and crisis. Billiard players must focus so that they can think clearly and reasonably, allowing them to check out the most appropriate facts and details and encourage them to go into operation without becoming distracted.

Sharp mind

People who often play billiards often have more sharp minds in their minds. In billiards requires you to be good at computational subjects such as basic geometry and physics. These skills are needed to calculate the correct angle or trajectory to determine how much force is needed to center the target. Sharp minds will help us think quickly and recognize a few small details.

Billiards play also helps you improve your hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is a very important factor in the defeat of the game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho benefits when playing billiards

Firming body

Continuously bending your abdomen, moving your hips and legs together with your arm movement will help your muscles move and make it firmer.

The position of the balls will be a challenge for your imagination, you need to visualize and create problem-solving skills. In addition, it also requires continuous improvisation to get into the hole (billiard hole, snooker) or in a good position.









Snooker – A type of sport full of fun

The snooker subject invented by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in India in 1845 is a psychological game with fairly simple rules.

The mechanics must hit 15 red fruits in turn with 1 fruit in 6 other colored fruits in the hole. Each red fruit is counted 1 point, the other colored fruits are from 2 to 7 points. Snooker is the most popular muscle game in England and the former countries were part of the British Empire. A typical snooker table is 2 x 4 m (6 x 12 ft) in size, including 6 holes.

A ball set consists of 1 cue ball, 15 non-numbered red target balls (called red balls), 6 non-numbered color goal balls (called colored balls). Red ball: 1 point, yellow: 2 points, green: 3 points, brown: 4 points, blue: 5 points, pink: 6 points, black: 7 points. The content of the game is who wins more points will win.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Snooker

Points can be scored in two ways: from the opponent’s error or scoring directly. If you want to eat a colored ball, you have to eat a red ball before eating a colored ball in one hit. If the colored ball has been punched in the hole, then pick it up and put it in the original position. Just eat 1 red and 1 color, so on until there is no red ball on the table, the player starts to play 6 colored balls but must follow the order of 2 points (gold) to 7 points (black) and end of the game.

The red balls in the hole will remain there, and the colored balls will be left in the same place while there are still red marbles on the table. When there are no red marbles, the colored marbles will be punched into the hole according to the point order. A game is considered to be finished when one side wins an overwhelming number of points that the opponent cannot catch or the ball is knocked out on the table.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Snooker

Each match has 17 games and can last for 8 hours. The arms will move about 5 km, and reduce about 4 kg. Snooker is an equation with a lot of unknowns in which psychology plays a very important role. Other external conditions such as dust, felt moisture can also change the track of the ball.

If the sun shines on the table, the ball will run faster, if it is cold it will slow down. Therefore, professional mechanics often play in rooms with blinds and at the standard temperature 18 degree Celsius. Heated table surface.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Snooker

Before every match, people felt the tight. Vacuum the smallest dust particles. Professional mechanical hands playing with two-part oak wood. While billiards are often played in smoke-laden clubs, beer and heavy alcohol, snooker is always in a formal position in Snooker clubs.

Smoking wear players or shirts, bow ties are very polite. In the UK, China and Thailand, snooker is considered a popular popular sport. In England only, 350 hours of snooker were broadcasted per year and ranked second after football.






New pool and snooker space for men

Equipped with the most modern table, body and equipment, ManUp is emerging as an attractive snooker address. ManUp Billiards & Snooker club is being used by players and lovers of snooker as an attractive address.

With an area of ​​600 m2 including 2 floors and quite spacious yard, ManUp can accommodate up to 200 guests and spacious space. The shop has 2 floors, the first floor is where professional players regularly practice, exchange experiences and is a place to regularly organize tournaments.

The second floor integrates many different forms of entertainment such as chess, chess or football watching screen beside billiards to serve the diverse needs of customers. This floor is mainly for movement players, office workers to entertain billiards. With the dominant brown – yellow tones, the club gives players a warm, close but luxurious feeling.

Newly launched since late December 2015, all ManUp equipment is new. ManUp’s founder has spent quite a lot of money investing in the entire 18-table Aileex 6 series – the latest and newest billiard table. Mechanical and biogas here are carefully selected from the big Belgian firm, the employees regularly clean the ball’s brightness.

Besides, ManUp also makes a difference when equipped with LED lighting system with modern cameras at all tables. This camera system not only allows the club to record matches but also helps the mechanics to review their training hours and draw experience for later play.

ManUp’s service style is outstanding because there is always a team of service staff and quick and enthusiastic team. Modernly invested, but the price at ManUp is not expensive, only $ 3 once played. The menu is varied with hundreds of food and drinks served by chefs and also appreciated and scored with customers.

Besides, ManUp also provides free club maintenance services, club repair, consulting and selling medium to high-end sticks for all players. Here, you can also learn to play and improve the level of billiards from professional athletes.