9 factors you should consider carefully before buying a billiard table

When human life becomes more complete, they always want to look towards products that meet the spiritual needs more than material ones. Since then, entertainment and relaxation products have become more and more prominent in the business market.

We have to mention billiards, as a Western sport with a modern and popular direction, attracting many people to participate in both old and young, male and female. Meeting group of friends and colleagues on weekends to billiards clubs to relieve stress in work, confide in life has become an indispensable part of many people today. And it’s no wonder that billiards business has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry.

But opening a billiards is not an easy thing. It is really a difficult problem, especially for newcomers to enter the business. And it will be even more difficult when you do not know how to play this sport but are committed to your idea. A little advice, do business when you are really passionate and know it. From an inexperienced person, you always have the opportunity to cultivate knowledge.

mở quán bida

First thing you need to know is play first. It sounds funny but it is really suitable when you are too childish to think about getting rich. If you don’t know how to play how can you understand the problems your customers often encounter or feel uncomfortable with? Business is not just about managing and sitting in a place waiting for money to fall into pocket. It is a battle. Make sure you have done the first thing, then continue this second lesson.

How to get a suitable billiard table when its price is really expensive and you will have to pay a high price when choosing the wrong type of table to buy or mistakenly buying a billiard table with no quality, not enough. standard? Here are 9 criteria to consider when choosing a billiard table. Let’s start now!

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Table frame

The billiard table can be made from hardwood or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and is not sure which one is better. But no matter what type of table you choose, make sure your “pool table” has a middle frame and 2 horizontal frames to distribute the weight of the table.


Suitable billiard tables are often combined with 3 stone slabs for ease of movement, installation and flatness adjustment. The slab is in the main play area of ​​the table, under the sheet and has two types: 1-blade type, 3-blade type. Currently, 3 slabs are a more popular option. The thickness of the slab is usually:

– 3/4 inch: often used as a table for beginners and has the lowest cost.

– 1 inch: standard thickness is available in high-end billiard tables and is used in international tournaments by BCA (Billiard Congress of America). Force the connection point between the plates to be flat with an error of not more than 0.04mm. The flatness of the tabletop is only guaranteed when the error between the ends is 0.4mm and the width is 0.2mm.

Billiards hole

The hole can be made of rubber, leather or plastic.


Almost all billiard tables have hardwood grooves.

Delivery and installation costs

When making a purchase, make sure that the shipping costs are clearly listed in the contract, avoiding unexpectedly high costs. With a large amount of purchases, it is best to choose freeshipping shops to maximize cost savings. The installation needs professional technical support so you do not need too much savings in this clause

Table size

There are 3 common sizes: 7ft, 8ft and 9 ft. Thorough space calculations around the “pool table” for players to take shot shots and the length of the muscles are a smart move you should not forget.

Budget available

Draw a detailed plan and have an estimate of how much you will pay for each billiard table.

Is it possible to change returns?

Read the terms of purchase clearly and check if you can change the defective item or refund the product.

Current status of billiard tables

Buyers should carefully check the status of the table – used or new.