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Shopping for a new or used pool tables can be very difficult. You can find billiard tables in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. But what is the different between all the different models out there? Are some manufacturers better than others? Are some styles too over priced?

These are important questions you should be asking yourself. And fortunately, we created Pool Tables Reviews to answer them for you. Here you can browse our many billiard table reviews to see pictures, read descriptions and see what we think of the various pool table manufacturers and their models.

Needless to say, all pool tables are not created equal. Some are built using solid hardwood while others are made with a cheap laminate. Some pool tables have 1″ thick slate playing surfaces while others use cheap MDF boards. Some billiard companies allow you to customize the size, cloth and finish of your pool table while others sell their tables in one size and color. There are also other things to consider like rail sights and warranties.

Of course the most important thing to many consumers is the price, and naturally you can find expensive pool tables and you can find inexpensive ones. Our pool table reviews are designed to help you identify the best pool tables for the least amount of money. Sure you could spend over $30,000 on a top of the line table, but wouldn’t you rather spend $1,500 for something just as good?

Often times you will find in our reviews that the price of a pool table is determined mostly by how decorative the table is and how intricate the woodwork is. The important part of the table, how it is built and the playing surface, is usually the same. So you may see that if you merely sacrifice a little on the design and aesthetic of your table, you can find something really great for a lot less money.

So browse around and read our pool table reviews to find information about a table you might be interested in. Having trouble deciding on a table? Check out our favorite pool tables to see what we think gives you the most value for your money. Or you can read our billiards blog to find tips, videos, news and more.

Types of Pool Tables

To help you better understand your pool table options, we have divided up the brands into three categories: slate, non-slate and discontinued. The slate category represent the highest quality pool tables. The non-slate category represent the cheaper, low end tables. The discontinued category represent those tables that are no longer being manufactured. That means the only way you can get one is to buy one used, which I never recommend. You just never know with a used pool table. Is it balanced? Are all the rails in tact? Is it level? There is so much information you cannot tell about a used pool table that it isn’t worth it. So we wanted to make sure you knew which tables fell into that category.

We only recommend playing on a slate pool table if you want to play billiards for real. However, there are people out there who only use their tables during family reunions or some other rare event. Non-slate tables can work for you. You just have to know that even the humidity in the air is capable of warping them slightly, and since your playing surface isn’t slate, you are likely going to not end up with a level surface over time like you would with slate. If you can live with that, then go for it as you will pay much less for one of those tables. Or if you are staging a home as a model or to be sold, a non-slate table will be much lighter and look the same, so go with that.

The thing to really look for in your table is what kind of cloth you can get, what type of wood is used in the construction and how many options do they give you. That’s what we hope to help you with here. So read through our reviews and start learning what you can about these pool table brands so that you can find the right table for you!